Press release: New FRANQ saves significant time and money for franchisors

QTECX Solutions has taken the efficiency to the next level with the launch of the latest version of its flagship product FRANQ. The addition of exciting new features are sure to save significant time for franchisors in managing their franchise network.

23 October 2019

Sydney, Australia: FRANQ, a franchise management solution from QTECX Solutions, has taken the efficiency to the next level with the launch of its latest version, adding exciting new features that are sure to save valuable hours for franchisor staff managing their franchise network.

By streamlining and automating their business processes, FRANQ helps franchisor staff to save time and allows them to focus more on their core business of having healthy relationships with franchisees. The all-in-one FRANQ solution now includes standout features:

- 360° view of franchisees
- franchisee recruitment
- compliance reviews
- legal document management
- store opening tasks management
- store management
- contract management
- ticket management
- template-based document generation and distribution
- and many more features

The new version of FRANQ has been launched and demonstrated at the National Franchise Convention 2019 held at the Gold Coast, organised by the Franchise Council of Australia. The product has been well-received by franchisors who have appreciated the game-changing product benefits.

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