A  game-changer franchise management software solution purpose-built to save you time and cost by streamlining your processes and automating manual tasks.

Managing your franchise network has never been this simple

The best end-to end franchise management software for your franchise business

Franchise management features like Marketing, Franchise Recruitment, Operations, automated Compliance Reviews, Store Opening, Contracts Management, and Service Management support franchisor's Support Office in franchisee relationship management.

Transform your franchise business

FRANQ is a franchise management software system that helps franchisors thrive by automating business processes, solving franchise data challenges, and offering business insights. With this solution, head office and field managers increase productivity and efficiency, positively impacting the bottom line.

Franchise management made easy

With a complete and comprehensive set of features for a franchisor, franchisee management has never been this simple. Using a real-time view of the business performance, reduce time and save cost on managing your franchise network. Focus on your relationships with franchisees and suppliers to do more in less time, have happy customers and employees. Comply with  the Franchising Code of Conduct, always!

Streamline your processes

FRANQ software streamlines your processes and enables staff always to have up-to-date information about all stores. Management can plan and take better decisions and monitor the performance of business development teams and franchise partners. End-to-end FRANQ franchise management solution helps in franchisee recruitment and retention, simplifies franchisee operations, automates franchise compliance, makes it easier to open new franchise stores, and manage their contracts.

Better and quicker decision making by franchisor

With the combination of the right technology, streamlined operation and automation, a franchisor increases its ability to take quicker and better decisions. Availability of real-time data on Marketing, Recruitment and Operations provide invaluable insight to analyse the problem areas and focus on improving the challenging areas of business.

Save time and costs

Achieve more in less time by automating franchise management processes and tasks, and let your staff focus on relationships with franchisees and suppliers. Improve your current processes and increase staff productivity and morale by implementing the all-in-one franchise management software solution. Integration with other systems and automatic document generation saves valuable time and costly legal fees for franchisors. All this at an affordable cost to the franchisor.


Some of the features available in FRANQ


Franchise Recruitment




Contracts with

Store Opening 

Service Management

Email and document templates


Dashboards and Reports

Blogs & News


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