FRANQ Pricing

FRANQ's comprehensive set of features are designed to ensure you receive the maximum benefit. The end goal is to save time and costs, and make your team more efficient and productive.

An end-to-end solution that works for your business

FRANQ offers franchise business owners an opportunity to take full control of franchise management with purpose-built software. This solution provides an easier way to manage all aspects of individual franchises: storing data, creating documents, and powerful dashboard for effective management. This solution is what your staff needs to provide superior experience to franchisees.

FRANQ Essential

ideal for store and non-store based franchises,
includes 360° franchise view, Process automation,
Recruitment, Operations and Compliance, Knowledgebase


ideal for store based franchises, includes all
Essential features and Store Opener, Service
Management, Contracts and Renewals, Integrations


  • Contacts and Accounts, 360° customer view
  • Centralised record of all communication, notes, and activities
  • Filter and segment contacts
  • Automate tasks and communication
  • Email and calendar synchronisation
  • Email templates
  • Record all activities with end-to-end traceability
  • Internal social network
  • Business process management
  • Configurable business rules
  • Streamlined recruitment process
  • Generation of templated-based documents
  • Lead management / New franchise enquiries
  • Record complete recruitment journey
  • Capture leads from website
  • Re-market to and re-engage old leads
  • Qualify, convert leads into recruitment
  • Corporate and Franchise outlets management
  • Property Lease and Franchise details
  • Territory Management
  • Region-based user access
  • Customisable compliance questionnaire templates
  • Auto score calculation and report on your template
  • Compliance monitoring, history of reviews
  • Manage renewals and terminations
  • Synchronization and import
  • Knowledge management
  • Dashboards, alerts and reminders


  • All features in FRANQ Essential, plus

  • Supplier (and other) contract management
  • Template-based contract generation
  • Advance notifications for contract renewals
  • Contract documents/links storage
  • Automated invoicing based on Agreements
  • Automate sending of invoices to franchisees
  • Store opener with project management
  • Process-based ticket management
  • Auto registration of tickets via email/website
  • Intelligent ticket assignment and routing
  • Process-based customer, franchisee and supplier feedback management
  • Alerts and reminders on tickets, contracts
  • Integration with other systems

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